It Was Them is the fifth episode of Ben 10: Omniverse in Production Order.

It Was Them
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General Information
Original broadcast October 20, 2012
Series Ben 10: Omniverse
Episode number 5 (Production Order)
Overall episode number Unknown


The episode starts with Ben ordering chilli fries while Khyber is spying him with his telescope. When he is about to eat them, Khyber's pet as Slamworm attacks Ben. Ben as Diamondhead defeats it but his lunch is spoiled. In Rook's truck, Ben remarks that more aliens are attacking him nowadays. Then Ben suggests it might be Dr.Animo. So Ben and Rook check up Animo's prison at the Plumbers Headquarters. Animo is missing there while Ben finds a secret tunnel. Rook and Ben enter that tunnel where a giant fire breathing ant confronts them. Ben turns into Echo Echo and manages to surround the Ant and uses Wall of Sound. They find Animo who plans to activate his ray machine which will turn all ants on Earth into mutant ants and he will be their leader. However Rook gets the important pat of the ray and tries to destroy it. Ben tells him to hurry and dials Swampfire but turns into Rath again. Rath defeats three ants but the ants outnumber him. Then he turns into a new alien ' Crashhopper' . Ben easily beats the ants. Khyber's pet suddenly shows up. Ben tells Animo to call his dog off but Animo replies it isnt his. It turns into Mucilator and sticks Crashhopper onto a slimy part of his body. Khyber comes and tries to kill Ben with his sword but Rook saves Ben. Ben destroys Animo's helmet using which he was able to control the ants. Therefore the ants go mad and attack Mucilator. Khyber and Mucilator flee while Animo is arrested again. He swears revenge again.

Major Events

Omnitrix Aliens Debuts

Nemetrix Aliens Debuts


Flashback Characters


Flashback Villains

  • Dr. Animo
  • Mutant Frog (cameo)
  • Mutant Kangaroo (cameo)
  • Mutant Snail (cameo)

Aliens Used

By Khyber's Pet


  • In one scene, Echo Echo's right eye doesn't have its black outline.
  • In the scene where Rook splashes goo on Ben's face, the Omnitrix symbol on the Proto-Tool is disproportionate.
  • Articguana is mistakenly in the credits when he didn't appear at all.
  • At the end scene, in one shot in the truck, Ben while talking to Rook, Ben didn't have the Omnitrix on.
  • In one scene Rath's neck was orange instead of white.
  • When Ben and Rook are behind Dr. Animo and Ben calls him, the Ant goo was not on Ben and Rook's body.
  • In one scene we see that the sole of the foot of Diamondhead was black instead of green.
  • In one scnene Rath's torso was orange istead of white.


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