Jetray is an Aerophibian from the planet Aeropela.

General Information
Species Aerophibian
Home World Aeropela
Body Humanoid Manta-ray
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Speed
Fast Swimming
Able to go into Hyperspace
Underwater Breathing
Neuroshock Blasts
Super Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Voice Actor Dee Bradely Baker
First Appearance Everybody Talks About The Weather


Powers and Abilities

  • Jetray can shoot neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail.
  • Jetray can fly and swim at supersonic speeds.
  • Jetray can breathe underwater.
  • It would appear that Jetray has an additional key to flight beyond his wings. In proportion to his size, he has a very short wingspan, although his weight is unknown.
  • Jetray can combine his eye and tail laser to shoot a more powerful blast.
  • Jetray is durable enough to withstand gunfire from a fighter jet, though it does cause him great discomfort.
  • Jetray maneuvers through the air with little to no flapping and jumps to high speeds with ease.
  • Jetray is capable of maneuvering through space, a task which no amount of flapping would allow.
  • Jetray also has some degree of enhanced strength.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Unknown.


  • According to Derrick Jetray will not appear in the first four seasons of Omniverse because he has been overused.