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I am sorry to say but the wiki has become to big for me to edit by myself and therefore I can't continue without users. if anyone wishes to join they can be mad admins right away and help out just message me if you wish to join or else this wiki is doomed to be filled with unfinished and error filled pages please help out if you want to. Message_Wall: Jaakor

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Welcome to the Omniverse Wiki here we Edit, Chat, Upload and Review all knowledge of Ben 10: Omniverse. Our kno
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wledge is always up to date and is updated continuously with as many facts as possible. Our users on this wiki work very hard at completing as much knowledge as possible. If any users need help please message me on my Message Wall Message_Wall:Jaakor.


Administrators are here to help with anything that you need here are the major admins of the wiki who are here to help out with anything that you may need. This may include tips, how to use wiki functions or just plain old how to edit so please do not hesitate to message one of us.


Alot of changes have been happening on this wiki such as all aliens form the Ben 10 Saga have been added to the wiki and also alot of new characters have been added on this wiki and we have grown to 470 pages and 2,264 images.

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Bullfrag is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Incursion. Read more.............   

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