Petrosapiens are a species of silicon-based lifeforms from the planet Petropia.
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Ben Tennyson as a 16 year old Petrosapien


Petrosapiens are made of a green diamond-like material. They are a little taller than humans. They have 4 digits on their hands and none on their feet. Male Petrosapiens have a spike on the back of their semi-cubic head and 2 on their back; females don't.

Powers and Abilities

Petrosapiens are virtually invulnerable to most physical attacks. Their diamond-hard bodies that can be regenerated to an extent. They are able to alter their bodies into crude tools, such as blades. Petrosapiens also have other diamond-based powers: shooting diamond shards, being able to cut through most materials, and causing large, almost mountainous formations of diamond. Shards of the razor-sharp crystals jut out at numerous odd angles from their heads and bodies, discouraging physical contact, and also act as powerful weapons that can turn a car into confetti in a matter of seconds. Also as they shoot crystals they are also able to control them. Combined with their strength, Petrosapiens' shredding appendages can be especially devastating. Being living prisms, Petrosapiens can refract light and beam-based weaponry, channeling them through their bodies and projecting them back at their source. Petrosapiens are particularly vulnerable to sonic vibrations. While a stereo blast might cause them to splinter, certain ultra-high-pitched sound waves can cause them to shatter.
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11 Year old Diamondhead


After several centuries of warfare, a giant hole was accidently ripped in the surface of Petropia, revealing a universe far beyond Petropia's heretofore self-contained existence. With the inadvertent discovery of space, Petrosapiens began to stabilize their civilization and they began to explore the surface of Petropia and the rest of the universe.

Notable Petrosapiens


  • The name Petrosapien comes from petra meaning rock and sapien meaning intelligent being.